Live blogging Vegas deliciousness

2 Mar

Whelp, the girls and I are in Vegas and although what happens here stays here, I’ve decided to share the foods with you. “Live Blog” means fresh pics as I eat, which, let’s be honest, could be quite a lot. First pics are dinner (happening right now) at First.



Day two: Good morning from Caesars


It’s a salads-for-breakfast kind of day, and Kate is very good at looking like a lady who lunches.


And no surprise I fell behind on the “live” part. Dinner last night at CraftSteak, my most favorite of favorite places. The short rib is unbelievable and the raspberry martini is the best I’ve ever had.




Day Three: Starting off the day with a few hours at The Buffet at the Bellagio. Definitely worth the 30 minute wait in line, and delicious enough to begrudgingly thank Jon Siegal for the recommendation.

Buffet plate one: the savories. Western omelet, bacon, Lyonaise potatoes.

Second round: carrot cake, cheese cake (D, it’s the bomb), fruits and more champagne.

Trip three: shrimps!!! And more champagne.

And, roughly three hours later, we’ve had our fill at the buffet.


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