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Muddling: I think I’m missing something

8 Aug

Mostly the equipment, I think.

I recently downloaded the Martha Stewart Cocktails app for my iPad and even more recently got to try out my first recipe. Barbecue bound and intent on winning the hearts of my dude-friend’s sister and brother-in-law, I (with the help of said dude-friend) decided on a bourbon drink with muddled peaches, blackberries and mint.

Sounds awesome, right? Well I’m not going to say it was unawesome, because if you like bourbon it was fantastic. But I like peaches and blackberries and mint and there wasn’t a lot of fruit flavor going on in those drinks.


I think the problem was in my muddling technique, which is weird because I watched a video about it in the Martha app so you can understand how I’d be baffled by my non expertise. I’ve come to the conclusion that you really need one of those wooden pestle things. Remember that Bacardi mojito commercial where the bartender is muddling the mint with the wooden pestle thing and all people uncontrollably dance around to the rhythm of his mashing? Yeah – that wooden thing he’s got there. I need that.

I’m not trying to say that these drinks didn’t make us dance around a little, Bacardi mojito style, but I am saying of you want to make muddling happen do yourself a favor and equip yourself properly.